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Philosophy Harvesting the Dream

Pages 150
A Philosophy for Everyday Life. Relearning to think for yourself instead of following the crowd. Covers all aspects of learning including training the right side of the brain to be active.

Are you truly awake? Do you know what is around you?
In all things we are ruled by our perceptions. We take in mass quantities of data and then process it until we think we understand. Often we donít, we just think that we do. Your brain is an amazing thing, capable of taking a few facts and producing an answer. The answer may not be correct. Consider five people witness an accident and now have come up with different colours for the cars when asked to remember the accident. How is that possible? It is because that is what they have remembered, that is the information they have stored
Life itself is filled by this level of deception. It is possible to have a better understanding of reality by simply paying more attention and gathering more detail.
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