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I am an artist, writer and a poet.
I have written books of poetry as well as a book on philosophy.
I spent many years as a stone sculptor before moving over to oil paint.
Apparently I like the colour red
I have worked in mostly in stone for many decades. I love the sensuous feel of working in stone. Preferred stone is soapstone, alabaster and marble. Poetry and prose has also been with me for quite a few years. Graphic art is something I happened upon a few years back.
Recently I have begun to work in oils and find it to be a unique experience and totally separate from other forms of art I have done in the past.
In oil painting to me the interaction of colours is what it is all about. I love vibrant colours. My style is Abstract realism with a hint of impressionism

I have no formal training in art so everything that I do is a learning experience.

My sculpture has been purchased by people all over the world and my oil paintings are now being recognized as part of my large body of work

My artwork is in collections all over the world
England,Hong Kong,United States,Canada,Germany,France to name just a few

All artwork is simply signed with JBL and sometimes a date


James is already an established and recognized artist. He is versed painting, photography, digital art  and even sculpture.
Jame's art is powerful, highly expressive, and even expressionist!
It is impossible not to be caught by his colors and textures. If we take a look at his oil painting Landfall at Sunset, for instance, we'll notice that the viewer is literally kidnapped by the sensual lines and the passionate reds and yellows of the sky contrasting with a cold land color in the bottom half of the painting. Vibrating and intense!



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