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Clancys Drunken Diaries
SciFi Clancy's Drunken Diaries

Full Novel
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Escaping his prison on his own world, he has come to entertain himself in ours, utilizing his evil sense of humor. They want him back, can he hide on this backward planet forever?

Meet John
John is an alien
John has a nasty sense of humour
Being his friend is risky but he is willing to buy you a drink at Clancy's , his favorite bar.


A thunderous noise echoed throughout the room, startling him from his sleep. Hetyoyt rolled over and tried to focus on the clock. “Four AM, this better be important,” he thought as he struggled out of the bed.

Without bothering to put his slippers on, he made his way to the large door where the knocking was continuous. With adeptness, he unlocked all nine bolts and turn the handle, pulling the door open.

White-faced and sweating, Bendole stood panting from the exertion of pounding on the door. His eyes darted everywhere avoiding Hetyoyt gaze. Finally regaining a small portion of his composure he blurted out, “he’s escaped again, Trolendat is gone.”

“How long has he been gone?” Hetyoyt asked with ice driven authority in his voice.

“Fourteen minutes thirty seven seconds.”

“You waited that long to let me know? Why was I not notified immediately?”

“But Sir, all of your communication devices were shut down. When they failed to get a hold of you, they summoned me. I’ve only known about this for a few minutes. I’ve already started procedures” he said in a subdued voice.

“Damn that, Trolendat! I will need you to set up an immediate search to see if we can locate him quickly.”

a fantastic little story

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